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The user agrees to use the services merely for their personal use and benefit, for non-commercial purposes. All of the products and/or services being advertised through this website, in any way and format, as well as all the information, videos, recordings, sounds, pictures, drawings, texts and/or articles and/or photographs and/or diagrams and/or charts and/or comments contained on this website (hereafter referred to as “the contents”) must not be edited, reproduced, altered, modified, copied, distributed, transformed, transmitted, adapted, transferred, marketed, in any way by the user. Furthermore, all the micro-sites that can be accessed from this website shall be considered as included in this website, except for those micro-sites having their own express conditions of use, and those conditions shall apply. The user accepts that the links to other websites or files which can be accessed from www.southamericaimplants.com are accessed at their own risk. South America Implants S.A. does not investigate, verify, supervise, control, or support the contents, accuracy, and opinions on other links provided by third-party websites, which are governed by their own Terms and Conditions of Use.

The site on www.southamericaimplants.com belongs totally, only, and exclusively to South America Implants S.A. (Argentina) and its goal is to provide information related to the services, products, and medical devices manufactured and marketed by this company, and it is exclusively aimed at medical professionals.

We hereby expressly clarify that neither South America Implants S.A., nor the website or the senders of the reports, articles, comments, lectures, exhibitions, notes, etc. published on the website, are using the site as a means of giving any advice, or performing any diagnosis, medical treatment, medical-related activities, or practicing medicine, or carrying out any other activity governed by Argentinean law N. 17.132, the regulatory code N. 6.216 (Decreto Reglamentario 6.216), and applicable regulations, but they merely provide information for the users to expand their knowledge of healthcare.

All the information contained on this website is aimed to provide general information and must not replace, in any case, medical advice, or a doctor’s prescriptions or indications. This information must not be used to diagnose or perform the analysis, diagnosis or treatment of a disease or health problem without prior consultation to a Medical Doctor.

The information contained on this website is not intended, in any way, to replace Medical Doctors and/or healthcare professionals regarding all their roles and/or specializations.

The information provided by this website shall not be considered as complete or thorough regarding any of the topics discussed and, therefore, it is not aimed and shall not be used to replace any appointment with, call to, consultation with, or advice by your relevant Medical Doctor or healthcare professional with respect to any specific topic. You shall not fail to consult your doctor or relevant healthcare professional due to any information received by this website or because of this website. Any message, advice or opinion, or any other piece of information included in any area of our website shall not be construed, in any circumstances, as professional advice, indication or opinion with respect to any particular medical case. Moreover, the information contained on this site is not intended to be thorough or comprehensive. Any interested party or the user knows and accepts that the information contained on this website may have inaccuracies or mistakes and/or may not be updated.

The information and/or advice provided by the website staff or third parties cited as information sources shall not be considered in any case as a basis for decision making. By entering and using the website, the user agrees to verify—¬previously and independently from the website—any information relevant to any decision making based on such information.

The information, images, videos, photographs, recordings, sounds, and everything resulting from the website—this list being non-restricted—have been made and/or designed aiming to inform, promote and/or advertise the services, products and/or medical devices manufactured and/or marketed by South America Implants S.A.

South America Implants S.A. shall not store or collect the user’s personal information through this website without their prior consent or authorization and without the information being provided voluntarily by the user. Should the interested party decide to provide their personal information, South America Implants S.A. shall not, in any circumstances, sell, disclose, or transmit such information to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes, unless the information is required by law, court order, administrative order, or express authorization is given by the interested party.

In order to achieve data protection, our servers process such information through special codes (encrypting), which make it difficult for third parties to obtain the data. Nevertheless, these special codes might be compromised by people with strong IT skills who are willing to break the law.

All intellectual property rights on the website contents belong exclusively to South America Implants S.A. and/or have been authorized and/or given regarding the use, enjoyment and disposal of such contents. South America Implants is a trademark. All rights reserved. The user agrees not to copy, redistribute, retransmit, or use this website contents in any way and for any purpose without prior appropriate and written express permission by South America Implants S.A. beyond the limits authorized by this agreement. The user acknowledges that the images, videos, photographs, sounds, recordings, reproductions, comments, exhibitions, congresses, etc, this list being non-restricted, are protected under current intellectual property and/or industrial property and/or copyright laws and regulations.

The website promises to protect copyright, patents, trademarks and other property rights, hereafter referred to as “the protected rights”. Hence, the owner or assignee of the protected rights that have been allegedly infringed should inform South America Implants S.A. about any infringement of the protected rights occurred on the site or related sites. The infringement notification shall include: the damaged party’s personal data, their email, a detailed and accurate description of the material that allegedly infringes the protected rights as well as its location on the website, a statement that the damaged party has not given the questioned material and/or authorized its use, the subsequent confirmation of the notification being real. The notification shall be signed physically or digitally and shall be sent to South America Implants S.A., and you can additionally contact us by telephone at +54 11 5368 1574 and/or by email at info@southamericaimplants.com

The website contents may contain inaccuracies or typos, which do not imply any obligation and/or liability on the part of their owner.

South America Implants S.A. reserves the right to refuse or cancel the users’ access to the site, at any time without prior notice and without providing any reason or justification, at its sole discretion or on behalf of a third party and/or upon formal justified request by a third party, as well as any user who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The website contents can be modified, adapted, and/or improved by South America Implants S.A. at any time, in the appropriate sections without prior notice. South America Implants S.A. is not liable for the accuracy and efficacy of the information and/or the products that are advertised through this site, and it is not obligated to update the website contents. The illustrations, images, pictures, drawings, logos, reproductions, photographs, videos and/or descriptions of the products and/or services contained on this website are illustrative, and they aim to inform and advertise, and they are meant to be used merely by healthcare professionals.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the use and interpretation of the website contents and/or the linked sites are at their own risk. South America Implants S.A. shall not be responsible or liable, in any circumstances, for any direct, indirect, or incidental action caused by or related to the use of the website, to the contents and software on the website and/or the information and/or the products advertised through the website and/or derived from using the website, even if the exclusion and/or absence of liability are not authorized by the applicable regulations. South America Implants S.A. is not liable for the interpretation and/or misinterpretation of the website, its contents, explicitly or implicitly, or for their inappropriate use, or for any real, direct, or indirect damage alleged by anyone who claims to have been induced to make decisions by consulting this website.

The links or referrals on this website to other Internet sites that are managed or owned by companies or persons other than South America Implants S.A. have been or will be provided merely for the user’s convenience and benefit and this does not mean in any way that we recommend such websites, products, or services, or any other material described there. South America Implants S.A. is not liable for such sites, their content or their accuracy.

Including links on the website aims to provide more services to the user. Hence, the contents of those websites shall not be construed in any way as being part of this website content. The inclusion of these links shall not be considered in any way as an establishment of any relationship between the owner of this website—and/or related companies—and the companies or persons who own the other sites.

This user agreement and these Terms and Conditions are governed by Argentinean law, excluding private foreign law and regulations and, in the case of any difference initiated by or related to the use of this website or the interpretation of this agreement, the National Ordinary Courts of Justice of Buenos Aires City (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina) shall govern.

This text constitutes the agreement between South America Implants S.A. and the user with respect to the use of the website, and it prevails over any other previous written or oral communication between the parties. The print version of this agreement shall be allowed as proof in the relevant office or court.

The nullity or annulment of a provision on these Terms and Conditions shall not make all the text null, but merely the questioned provision. Any advice, suggestions and/or other kinds of counsel sent to the website shall be considered as property of the website and shall not grant any right to compensation and/or payment to the user or sender.

Any rights not hereby expressly granted to the user or a third party are reserved to South America Implants S.A.

South America Implants S.A. is responsible for guaranteeing the confidentiality of the personal data given by the users and their management in accordance with current regulations on Personal Data Protection.

South America Implants S.A. reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, all and/or part of these Terms and Conditions, which govern the use of the website. By continuing to use the website after any modification, the user accepts in full the new Terms and Conditions.

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